Tracking, Monitoring, and Reporting

At Eastbank Academy we track and monitor the academic progress of our pupils regularly, and we report this to parents. The format and nature of the report differs depending on the phase of your child's education. This section will contain information that helps you understand how we track pupils' progress, when we track and report progress, what the information on the report means, and what we do with that information to support your child.

Senior Phase Example Report 2020-2021.pdf

Parent Council

AGM Letter 2020.pdf

School uniform

Information about our dress code and dressing for success can be found here.

Uniform leaflet.pdf

School App

Some documents that help you download, access and use our school app.

Opening attachments.pdf

Short Links to App Stores.pdf

A5 Flyer for parents.pdf

App User Guide For Parents.pdf

Family Learning

We have a range of videos available to help parents and their children learn together at home. Why not have a look at these?

Tips for studying for prelims and final exams

How to use mind maps when studying

How to use mnemonics when studying

Study Skills: Flash Cards

Miss Wilson’s Study Guide

Remote learning

Some advice and guidance about how to access Teams and use your iPad while learning at home.

How to log in and view Microsoft Teams

How to use the main features on your iPad