S4 Tracking reports

S4 tracking reports have now been issued by post, and will arrive through letterboxes over the next few days.  We recognise that the current S4 have had their education disrupted during their National Courses, and we are working hard to ensure they receive all the support they need.


A Family learning reflection task

While we recognise that this has been a busy and stressful week for all, we hope that you might find time to encourage your son or daughter to complete the short survey below, or maybe even complete it together.

Have good weekend.


Letter from Head Teacher

A letter from Mr Graham can be found on the link below or on our website here.

15 January 2021.pdf

Free School Meals

Please see attached letter from Director of Education regarding free school meals.
A copy will also be available on our school webite 
under Resources/Parental letters

MMcK - parent-FME payment.pdf


Dear Parents and Carers,

We had planned to hold a programme of formal assessments for National 5 pupils in late January/early February of this year.  Due to the enhanced level 4 restrictions it will not be possible to proceed with these as planned.  I will communicate revised plans as soon as it is possible to do so.

However, prior to the holiday we collated data for an S4 Tracking Report to support young people's preparation.  I will ensure that these tracking reports reach you, and will send them by post this week.  I will advise when they are on their way.

Yours faithfully,

Mr J. Graham
Head Teacher


FAO Senior pupils who attend

ALL GSP college and Foundation Apprenticeship courses will be held online for the foreseeable.
Some pupils did attend campus up until now, but colleges are no longer having any students on campus until further notice.

Relevant pupils have been contacted by the colleges directly, and have also been emailed by Mrs Donald.


Parents who are Key Workers - w/c 18th January 2021

Letter for Parents who are Key Workers w/c 18.01.2021

Key Worker Letter.docx

Remote learning plan

Please see attached our remote learning plan overview for this week.

(If the attachment is not appearing, check the message again shortly.  It will also be avialable on our website at Scroll to the 'Remote Learning' section at the bottom of the page).

Remote Learning Planning Overview - WC 11.01.21.pdf


We are aware that there are some difficulties with Teams today.  This is a national problem and has attracted some media coverage - it does not only affect Eastbank Academy.
Hang in there everyone. We're trying to get this resolved and hope things will become a bit smoother asap.


Letter from the Head Teacher - attempt 3

Berar with us while we sort out some technical issues related to attachments.
The letter can be accessed on our website.  The letter itself can be found here.